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Octagonal Garden Aviary
Octagonal Garden Aviary
Ref: oga2
530.00 (Inc VAT at 20%)

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Fully boarded back panels (+£28)

Optional open fronted nesting box (+£13)

Optional enclosed nesting box (+£14)



New for 2015 - A centre piece for your garden

Octagonal 7'6" diameter (230cm)

An octagonal aviary that has the "wow factor" to be the focal point of your garden.

Based on our popular octagonal chicken house this attractive octagonal aviary has a beautiful wooden roof. The panels of the octagon are robust galvanised welded square steel mesh infill between the wooden supporting structure. Toe boards are fitted to the bottoms of each panel and decorative soffits are fitted to the tops to give a lovely well finished appearance to the house.
One of the panels is fitted with a large person door. This door panel can be placed in any of the eight sides.

As an optinal extra, three of the back panels can be fully boarded with 5/8" tounge and groove.

As an optional extra 8"x12" nesting boxes can be supplied and fitted inside the aviary. These can be either open fronted or fully enclosed nest boxes. More than one can be supplied & fitted of either or a mix of types.

This is a bio-secure run. The roof covers both the house and the run, protecting your birds from wild birds and their droppings.

Please note that the photo is of our popular chicken house version. Photos of the aviary will be posted soon.

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We have a unique range of housing developed through 20 years of experience. All are made in high quality materials and to precise specifications which we have found to provide the most convenient, comfortable and vermin-proof accommodation possible. All designs take careful consideration of :

• The internal positioning of perches, popholes, droppings boards and nest boxes.
• Accessibility, both for you and the chickens.
• Ventilation without draughts
• Weather proofing and stability in windy conditions.
• Weight and manoeuvrability.
• Vermin control.
• Aesthetic appearance.

Many sizes and configurations of housing are available and we are able to incorporate bespoke customer requirements in some models.
The roof is a very attractive & unique overlap boarding.

The delivery prices quoted above include delivery and full assembly of the house in your garden. So you will get the house of your choice delivered and errected exactly where you want it, all within the delivery price quoted above. This means you won't have to lift heavy weights in and out of your car and you certainly won't have to struggle with self assembly flat pack instructions!!!

You won't get that kind of service from the national pet shop chains!

If you would like two or more houses delivered to you at the same time, then you only pay one delivery charge. Please call us to arrange this.

If you would like to collect your house in person please call us to arrange this.


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