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Domestic Fowl Trust

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Domestic Fowl Trust

t: 01789 850046


Hatching Eggs - Pure Breed Chickens



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Choose your own selection of fertilised eggs to hatch at home.

Available March to June. Eggs will be added to the website when they are available, please check stock regulary during the season. 

Please contact us to enquiry about stock and fertility.

The eggs are specially packaged in half dozen boxes and can be posted within the UK or collected from us. 

Price is per egg.

Hatching your own baby chicks is great fun!


We collect our fertile eggs every day. The eggs are therefore fresh and leave the Domestic Fowl Trust in as good a condition as possible. We aim never to supply any egg which we would not be happy to place in one of our own incubators. Our eggs are not washed prior to dispatch as washing removes the natural protective barrier that exists which stops harmful bacteria entering the egg during storage and transit. Some people do like to wash their eggs in a suitable egg wash solution immediately prior to incubation, which is a good thing to do. We aim to dispatch the eggs to you within 48hrs of collection. Hatching eggs are a natural product and there will always be a number of infertile eggs produced by even the best stock.

To be clear:- The eggs we are offering for sale here are from the same stock that we are putting into our own incubators, but we do not offer any guarantee of a particular fertility level.

Hatch Rates

There are many factors governing successful hatching, from how the eggs are treated during transport to the incubation process itself. Pretty much all of this is outside our control. Therefore we do not guarantee any level of hatch rate.

Acceptance of these terms

By purchasing hatching eggs, you are accepting these terms and conditions.