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t: 01789 850046


Poultry Rings Spiral Coil | Pack of 10 | Various Sizes



Size: 10


In Stock


Traditional style of spiral leg rings suitable for the large birds including the largest turkey stags.

Size 8 - 16mm internal, medium sized hens

Size 10 - 20.6mm internal, large fowl, cockerels and small geese

Size 11 - 25.4 internal, geese and turkey hens  (OUT OF STOCK)

Size 12 - 30mm internal, large geese & turkey stags (OUT OF STOCK)

Price is for a pack of 10 of random mixed colours.

(Although we try to ensure a good range of colours, a random mix of colours will usually include more than one of each colour, as not all colours are available all of the time. Please also note that the thickness of the spiral coil material may vary, but the internal diameter will be consistant)