We have everything you need to keep your hens healthy and happy.



We have everything you need to keep your hens healthy and happy.


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The Domestic Fowl Trust exists to encourage the keeping of poultry & help new owners discover the joys of having their own hens. We sell a large range of agricultural supplies, products and food for the upkeep and welfare of your animals e.g. poultry equipment, chicken houses, vitamins, minerals, health products, bedding and hen food (available through this web site or from our farm).

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The Domestic Fowl Trust, was established in 1976. It began as a small-scale endeavour dedicated to promoting the welfare and conservation of domestic poultry, particularly rare breeds. Initially it operated from Dorsington Manor and soon after from a farm in Honeybourne, Worcestershire. The Trusts passion for breeding poultry and heritage breeds led them to create a hub for enthusiasts, breeders, and those interested in poultry keeping.

Over the years, the Trust has expanded its scope, becoming a renowned “go-to” place for back garden poultry keepers, offering comprehensive guidance on poultry care, breeding, and conservation. Their commitment to preserving genetic diversity within poultry species gained recognition, attracting collaborations with experts and enthusiasts across the UK and further afield.

As their reputation grew, so did their offerings. The Trust began supplying a huge variety of poultry feeds, healthcare products and essential equipment to support poultry enthusiasts in their endeavours. They also designed their own line of poultry coops and houses many of which are still available today.

Throughout its evolution, the Domestic Fowl Trust maintained its core mission of advocating for the well-being, health and conservation of domestic poultry. 

Today, based near Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire, the Domestic Fowl Trust is still a cornerstone of support for backyard poultry keepers across the UK. Enthusiastically blending our passion with practicality, we provide a plethora of essential poultry keeping goods: top-notch feeds, premium bedding, specialised equipment, healthcare products, treats and good quality advice. Our own coop designs, still handmade in UK, cater to the unique needs of pet chickens, ensuring both comfort and safety in your back garden.

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Poultry Advice

With so many years of experience, the Trust is able to offer general chicken keeping advice via it's website and on the phone. However please note that while the trust staff have a huge amount of knowledge about poultry, it is illegal in the UK for anyone other than a qualified vet to offer veterinary advice, diagnosis or recommend treatment for a specific animal or bird. If you are worried about the health of your birds you should always consult your local suitably qualified vet.

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our farm

Domesticated poultry (that is ducks, geese, chickens, quail, guinea fowl etc) are farmed livestock, reared for the primary purpose of supplying food for humans. The Domestic Fow Trust is based at Bell Brook Farm, which is a working farm and registered with DEFRA & APHA. Bell Brook Farm & the Domestic Fowl Trust is not a visitor attraction.