We have everything you need to keep your hens healthy and happy.



We have everything you need to keep your hens healthy and happy.


Georges Chicken Remedies - Lush Liners Nest Box Kit


George's Chicken Remedies

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Lush Liners Complete Nest Box Kit

Lush Liners are a totally new concept, bringing, for the first time, the benefits of essential oils right to the heart of your coop, the nest boxes.

After extensive testing this reusable and recyclable product has proven to be another great solution from George’s Chicken Remedies in the never-ending fight against pests, mites, flies and bad smells.

The Lush Liners Kit has 3 elements:

·      The Lush Liners Spray

·      The blotting cards

·      The plastic outer cases

The plastic outer liner can be washed when dirty and used over and over. We use just hot soapy water and dry them in the open air.

You can compost used blotting cards.

You can cut the liner and card to fit the nest box if they are too big

You can order extra blotting cards, plastic liners or spray separately

What it does

Eucalyptus is known to have numerous benefits for chickens.  The Lush Liners oil mix, our richest blended product so far, also includes lavender to make it even more effective. Here are a few reasons why eucalyptus and lavender are so good:

Respiratory Health: Eucalyptus has expectorant properties and can help clear congestion and relieve respiratory issues in chickens. The scent of eucalyptus helps to open up the airways and facilitate easier breathing, especially if the chickens are suffering from respiratory infections or colds.

Aches and Pains: Eucalyptus oil has analgesic properties that can help relieve aches and pains in chickens. This is particularly beneficial for older chickens or those experiencing joint or muscle discomfort.

Pest Control: The scents of eucalyptus and lavender are known to repel pests such as mites, lice, and fleas. By placing Lush Liners in your nest boxes you can help protect the chickens from these parasites.

Scent and Stress Relief: Eucalyptus has a pleasant and calming scent that can help reduce stress in chickens.  Lavender has been used for hundreds of years because of its relaxant qualities. The subtle soothing aroma from Lush Liners will help create a relaxing environment. As the hen sits in the nest box her body heat helps release the scent and its beneficial affects.

Whilst eucalyptus can be beneficial for chickens, it's important to use it in moderation and with this liner system you prevent direct contact between chicken or egg and any oil.

How it works

A standard Lush Liners kit comes with 4 Liner cases, each with 4 inner cards for each case and 250 ml of Lush Liner spray

We have found 30 squirts of spray on the card every 2-4 days maintains the pest repellent level.  With the respiratory benefits it brings this will be a solution you can use all year round.

Instructions for use

From your Lush Liners Kit, place a blotting paper liner inside a plastic case (a bit like using a pillow case)

Shake the spray bottle. Push your hand, holding this bottle, into the case and spray the contents liberally on to the card. Avoid spraying the outside, as when your hen is laying, the plastic case prevents the eggs from being in direct contact with the spray solution.

Spray the card in the cases once every 2-4 days. Cards can be replaced with spares from your kit, as required, if they become dirty.