We have everything you need to keep your hens healthy and happy.



We have everything you need to keep your hens healthy and happy.


Hardwood Chicken Run Woodchip (50ltr)


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Hardwood woodchip especially selected for hen coops


Premium Hard Wood Chicken Run Wood Chip

This hard wood chip is specially selected for use in chicken runs and chicken coops.

All of our wood chips conform to BS 4790 and BS EN 1177 : 1998, and are suitable ground cover for all types of chicken run.

Hardwood chip is made from a mixture of hardwoods and is a popular choice for the ground of chicken coops and chicken runs.

This product is hardwood chip consisting mostly of 10 – 30mm particle sizes.

50 Litre sack. Weight will vary according to moisture content and seasonal variations of hardwood wood content but is in the region of 10 to 15 kgs. We estimate one sack will cover aprox 1 square meter to a 50mm depth.

2nd image shows a single 50ltr sack spread on the ground with a Silkie chicken exploring!

This is 100% hardwood woodchip. It lasts much longer than cheaper softwood and bark mulches that are sold in garden centres. Bark sold in garden centres also gives off spores as it rots that can be bad for your hens. Always buy hardwood woodchip for hen coops.

Please note: the wood chip is a natural product and may be damp or wet when packed. But it is packed by volume - 50 litres into each sack then sealed, so you will get the same loose volume of woodchip no matter how damp it is. Hardwood woodchip is also quite dark in colour when it is wet, but gets lighter brown in colour as it dries out. The photos attached show dry hardwood woodchip.

Because of the size & weight, we can only ship up to a maximum of 10 bags by parcel courier. The courier requires that the bags are placed into boxes before dispatch. We try to use recycled cardboard boxes as much as possible, which may mean we need to compress the sack to fit it into the available boxes. Large orders for more than 10 bags will be delivered by our own team  OR you can collect from us using "Cluck&Collect"