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t: 01789 850046


Beak Bits (pack of 10)


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Traditional Beak Bits

Available in 3 sizes

Large - chickens and heavy bantams (coloured white)
Medium - bantam size birds and young growers (coloured white)
Small - baby chicks/quail (coloured orange)

To fit soften the plastic by warming in the hand or a cup of warm water, then bend and pull both ends to make fitting easier. Each end of the beak bit goes inside the back of the nostril and the main piece fits in the open beak.

Beak bits do not need to be left in all the time, once the cycle is broken they can be removed.

If you have never used them before talk to someone who has or search online, where you will find excellent video instructions for fitting.

See also our beak bit fitting tool Click Here