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t: 01789 850046


Scot Spex (pack of two)





Spectacles are designed to prevent deliberate and aggressive feather pulling and pecking by restricting a bird's frontal view. These spex are designed to be fitted to adult birds, and can easily be slipped over the bird's beak, where the nostril clips will hold them securely in place. Unlike the Flexi-Spex product, these spex are specifically designed to be fitted by hand.

Spex are useful when all else has failed. They should only be left in long enough to break the pecking habbit. We suggest no longer than two weeks or so.

Two spectacles per pack.

Colour - Orange

Material - Flexible plastic

If you are not familiar with fitting spex, a quick search on-line will show you many excellent instructional video's. Or pop in and see us here at Domestic Fowl Trust.