We have everything you need to keep your hens healthy and happy.



We have everything you need to keep your hens healthy and happy.


Broody Coop


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Beware of inferior imitations. We don't make coops for anyone else!


5' x 2' x 2'
(152 x 61 x 61cm)
Keep your broody hen in the best possible accomodation and in doing so give her baby chicks the best start in life.

This convenient house is specially designed to provide the right environment for your broody hen, both whilst she is sitting and then during those early days whilst she looks after her chicks.

Design features include sliding removable roof to the nest box so you have excellent access to her and her chicks.
Removable front panel to next box. This panel has a sliding pop hole so she can get in and out. But after her chicks have hatched and she is ready to take them for a walk, you can remove the whole of the front panel so the chicks have level access in and out of the nest box.
The run has a lift out wire mesh roof so you have great access to the run.
At the bottom end of the run there is a robust drop down panel, for when you and your proud mother hen are ready for her to integrate back into the flock.
The run is fitted with integral handles so you can easily move it to clean ground for your chicks.

The nest box is fitted with a solid plywood floor as standard. This coop can be supplied with an optional wire mesh floor & frame.

Also suitable for keeping rabbits, guinea pigs and quail.

We have a unique range of poultry housing developed through nearly 35 years of experience. All are made in high quality materials and to precise specifications which we have found to provide the most convenient, comfortable and vermin-proof accommodation possible. All designs take careful consideration of :

• The internal positioning of perches, popholes, droppings boards and nest boxes.
• Accessibility, both for you and the chickens.
• Ventilation without draughts
• Weather proofing and stability in windy conditions.
• Weight and manoeuvrability.
• Vermin control.
• Aesthetic appearance.

Many sizes and configurations of poultry housing are available and we are able to incorporate bespoke customer requirements in some models.
Most are produced with Onduline roofing sheeting. This is a washable, light-weight, hard-wearing bitumen board.
Designed by us, built by us, delivered by us. We have never made houses or coops for anyone else!
A note about wooden houses:- Timber has character and charm and that is why we like working with it. But it is a natural product subject to variations such as shrinkage when it is hot and dry, and swelling or expansion when it is persistently humid and wet. Our carpenters have used their expertise to built tolerances into the designs to accommodate most situations, but you may still observe occasional seasonal and weather movement in the timber. Our head carpenter selects timber carefully, and it will still have some character features such as knots. Our carpenters try to position these so they look great, but don’t cause problems. You might find though, that over time a smear of mastic will be required here or there to re-seal any areas where water seeps in. Before delivery the wood parts of your house are treated with Timbertex by AquaTec Coatings Ltd. This is a water based stain and protection specially suitable for pet and animal houses. It doesn’t last forever though, and you should consider painting with a good quality treatment annually to maximise the life of your new house.
Designed by us, built by us, delivered by us. We have never made houses or coops for anyone else!

The delivery prices [click here] include delivery and full assembly of the house in your garden. So you will get the house of your choice delivered and erected, all within the delivery price quoted. This means you won't have to lift heavy weights in and out of your car and you certainly won't have to struggle with self assembly flat pack instructions!!! If you would like two or more houses delivered to you at the same time, then you only pay one delivery charge. Delivery to your location is calculated at checkout after you have entered your address.

If you would like to collect your chicken house in your own vehicle please select “Click&Collect” at checkout. We hold many of the houses in stock, and lots will fit in the back of a family car, fully assembled or flat packed.