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t: 01789 850046


Indian Blue Peafowl


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The Indian blue or blue peafowl, a large and brightly coloured bird, is a species of peafowl native to South Asia, but comfortable living in the UK. Peacock or male, is predominantly blue with a fan-like crest of feathers and is best known for the long train which bears colourful eyespots. Despite the length and size of these feathers, peacocks are still capable of flight. Peahens, or female, lack the train, and have a greenish lower neck. The Indian peafowl lives mainly on the ground where they forage for berries, grains but also prey on snakes, lizards, and small rodents. Their loud calls make them easy to detect. Peafowl need plenty of space to be comfortable.

All birds sold by us are vaccinated. Vaccination certificates can be supplied if required.

Please note, live birds cannot be ordered online and are collection only from Warwickshire.

Price actual price will depend on the age and sex of the birds at the time of purchase. Please contact us for further details.

WE SUPPLY CARRY BOXES FOR £2. We supply carry boxes for you to take your new hens home in. Each box is suitable for 1 peahen.