We have everything you need to keep your hens healthy and happy.



We have everything you need to keep your hens healthy and happy.


Grass Seed - Classic Chicken Pen Mix - 1kg


Domestic Fowl Trust

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For repairing damaged or tired grass in chicken runs.

This quality grass seed for repairing a chicken run or coop is produced for the Domestic Fowl Trust only by the UK's leading grass seed merchant. We have worked with them for over 14 years and this classic mix is our best seller by far. If you are not sure which grass mix is right for you, then choose this one! 
Containing just the right combination of grass types to ensure strong re-growth of both tough and palatable grasses. Also contains a generous amount of clover for great tasty eggs.
Ideal for ensuring your run remains in tip top condition.
You do not need to wait until the run has bare earth. This mix can be used as a preventive measure by "over seeding" (scattering the new seed into your existing grass). This will ensure your hens always have access to top quality fresh greens rich in omega 3. Great for your hens and their eggs.

1kg of seed mix, sealed in a breathable bag.

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Please note:- Photo's of grass, including before and after photos, are illustrative only. Actual results obtained, will depend on your soil condition, ground preparation, nutrients, weather and other factors.

This bag contains 1kg of seed mix which should be enough to over seed the average sized chicken coop.
Sow at a rate of 70 to 80 grams per square meter for bare earth or 50 grams per square meter if over sowing existing grass. (You may need to use some old wire mesh or something else to keep your chickens away while the seed gets established!)

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"I and all my friends are very impressed with this seed. It started to germinate in four days and in three weeks it was 7 inches tall." Mr Anthony Johnston 2018