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Domestic Fowl Trust

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Domestic Fowl Trust

t: 01789 850046


Galvanised Treadle Poultry Feeder



Size: Mini



A popular alternative feeder, that keeps the feed hidden until your bird steps upon the treadle plate.

• Suitable for chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese
• Rain proof plastic hopper lid, plastic treadle and plastic trough
• Poultry stand on the mesh treadle grid and the metal flap opens to reveal the food
• Treadle adjustable so it cannot be operated by vermin or smaller wild birds
• Attractive dark green and galvanised design

Available in four sizes.

  • Mini - Holds up to aprox 5kg of feed
  • Small - Holds aprox up to 8kg feed
  • Medium- aprox 30cm wide, 50cm high. Holds between 10kg to 12kg feed.
  • Large - aprox 33cm wide, 60cm high. Holds aprox 18 to 20 kg feed.

The treadle foot plate, trough and lid are now an attractive dark green plastic for better rain proofing and ease of cleaning.

Photo illustrates 20Kg size in use.

(Although this feeder is excellent against wild birds and is a great deterrent against vermin, it will not survive indefinitely against sustained attacks by large numbers of chewing vermin.)