We have everything you need to keep your hens healthy and happy.



We have everything you need to keep your hens healthy and happy.


George's Chicken Remedies - Gift Set


George's Chicken Remedies

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Gift Set of the super popular Georges Chicken Remedies.

 We think it will be a real winner - 'for the chicken lover in your life'..

It consists of 250ml bottles of  Chick Peace and Coop Gloop and a 100ml tin of Mites Away. All fully recyclable - The rustic kraft cardboard gift box is 220x80x195mm with a window at the front

Our Story

Our great, great uncle George worked at Cooks Farm in Orpington, Kent, in the 1920s. That's where the famous Buff Orpington chicken was developed and where George learned about chicken care. Four generations later and our family is still raising chucks!


Chicken Keeping

Keeping chickens can be an activity ignited by drivers as varied as just having a love of feathery, inquisitive, intelligent pets, through to having a ‘prepper’ type mentality - that keeping chickens secures us with a lifetime of protein, from eggs, and the chickens themselves.

Whatever your reason it takes time, care and constant vigilance against the challenges natures throws to keep them healthy.  Whatever movies, the press or popular fiction may present, keeping fowls is an ongoing battle against pests; mites, flies and not least - the farmyard ‘aroma’.

It might be about the scent of your healthy flock. Even a daily-cleaned coop can offend the nose of your spouse, but here is the solution for a peaceful chicken/ marital – partnership or relationship.

George’s Chicken Remedies gives your flock a sensory experience, with the natural aromas of Lavender, Vanilla and Mint ready to solve the challenges of the back yard, garden or smallholder chicken keeper.

Instead of saying ‘is that the chickens?’ they will say ‘what’s that lovely smell?’ George’s Chicken Remedies provides you with solutions for chickens that also add an aromatic pleasure to chicken care.

Stepping into your garden to show off your feathered friends will also be a scent filled pleasure that you’ll be proud of.

George’s Chicken Remedies; Backyard chicken remedies that make scents for your flock.