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t: 01789 850046


Vitamin Boost +




Vitamin Boost + with Seaweed and Probiotics


This liquid tonic is the complete nutritional tonic for all breeding stock whether large, small or commercial layers. It maintains general health and vitality all year round. This is an advanced and comprehensive vitamin and mineral tonic with added seaweed that:

• Provides the essential vitamins and minerals for optimum feed conversion and growth
• Helps stimulate appetite and improve nutrient absorption during periods of nutritional imbalance
• Helps maintain peak egg production and improve yolk colour
• Boosts the immune system and aids in recovery from stress
• Provides a antimicrobial action to help maintain a healthy and effective digestive function
• Works against bacteria, viruses, moulds, yeasts and fungi.

This product is a great production maximiser for your hens.

Helps reduce stress.

Fantasic bottle helps you dispense exactly the right amount.





**SPECIAL OFFER** 125ml for the price of 100ml thats 25% extra FREE!




Size: 100ml