We have everything you need to keep your hens healthy and happy.



We have everything you need to keep your hens healthy and happy.


Nestera Ground Coop



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Ground coop


The perfect entry-level chicken coop sits low to the ground providing easy access for broody hens and young chicks.

The Ground Coop is ideal for isolating a sick or broody hen from the rest of the flock.

How many chickens can live in a Nestera chicken coop?

For the standard range, we have three sizes available: Small, Medium and Large. The Small is designed for up to two large fowls or four bantams, the Medium for up to five large fowls or nine bantams and the Large suits up to eight large fowls or 15 bantams.

For chickens, a Nestera coop is the equivalent of living in a luxury lodge! Nestera claim their coops offer a comfortable, secure environment free from mites and rot.

Why Nestera?


Easy clean

These quick-drying plastic coops are easy to clean — use a hose or pressure washer to remove dirt in seconds!


Red mite resistant

Thanks to smooth and easy-clean plastic surfaces, Nestera coops leave red mites with nowhere to hide.


100% recycled plastic

Nestera coops are the most sustainable in the world! They're made using green energy from recycled and recyclable plastic.


*25-year warranty

Nestera are so confident of the quality of their chicken coops that they come with an unbeatable 25-year warranty provided direct by Nestera. (Please note that the 25 year warranty is NOT provided by the Domestic Fowl Trust. It is provided by Nestera, to make a claim contact Nestera on 01963 371563)


Low maintenance

The sturdy, 9mm-thick coops provide long-lasting durability and don't require constant treatment like wooden coops.


Year-round comfort

The recycled plastic Nestera use for their coops creates an ideal habitat for chickens — whatever the weather.

Delivery of Nestera Coops

The delivery prices [click here] include delivery and full assembly of the house in your garden. So you will get the house of your choice delivered, carried into your garden and erected, all within the delivery price quoted. This means you won't have to lift heavy weights in and out of your car and you certainly won't have to struggle with self assembly flat pack instructions!!! If you would like two or more houses delivered to you at the same time, then you only pay one delivery charge. Delivery to your location is calculated at checkout after you have entered your address.

If you would like to collect your chicken house in your own vehicle please select “Click&Collect” at checkout. We hold many of the houses in stock, and lots will fit in the back of a family car, flat packed, for self assembly.

We will call you to arrange a mutually convenient day to deliver and errect your Nestera house. We try to deliver and assemble Nestera coops within 2 to 3 weeks if we can. At busy times of the year or long distances away from us, or hard to reach locations it may be longer. We are currently unable to offer the deliver and assemble service in the following areas - further north than the Scottish borders (ish), Ireland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Wight or other any other Islands.