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t: 01789 850046



t: 01789 850046


Buttercup Ranger


These birds are 8 weeks old. The will come into lay at around 18 weeks old.

They are currently free range outside & being fed chick crumb [ buy here ] and are nearly ready for grower pellets [ buy here ].

Price of a point of lay is £25. Younger birds will be at a lower price.

If you want a hybrid that looks a little different then Buttercup is for you. A deep honey coloured bird, somtimes with some white and always a black tipped tail. She shines when the sun is out. Her character is very similar to that of the The Ranger.
The Buttercup will generally lay over 300 light brown eggs in her first year.
Our birds are free range on grass and are vaccinated.

Please note, live birds cannot be mail-ordered, posted or courier delivered and are collection only from Warwickshire. You can however use our "click & collect" service to aid compliance with social distancing. 

Please note that live birds are not available to purchase online. They must be collected from Warwickshire.
WE SUPPLY CARRY BOXES FOR £2. We supply carry boxes for you to take your new hens home in. Each box is suitable for 2 or 3 chickens.


About our breeders

The Buttercup is produced for the Domestic Fowl Trust by one of only two rearers both of whom are established national companies, supplying a large variety of hybrid chickens. These chickens are reared to high standards, are fully vaccinated and have full traceability. Both companies are known for their healthy birds.




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