We have everything you need to keep your hens healthy and happy.



We have everything you need to keep your hens healthy and happy.


Agrisec Ground Sanitiser



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All the benefits of the original product with the addition of halamid, a DEFRA approved disinfectant powder, to give extra sanitising properties.

For use in coops & runs to help significantly reduce worm egg numbers and provide a healthier environment for your birds.
Ground sanitising powder helps eliminates all stages of eggs and larvae at ground level. This helps reduce worm burden as birds will ingest fewer eggs or larvae resulting n lower worm populations in your birds gut.
Ground santitising powder helps:
- Absorb moisture and the odour of faeces and organic matter where it is used
- Cut off the warmth, moisture and oxygen that allows worms eggs to develop and mature in the faeces
- Kill worm larvae by splitting the cuticular layer (outer skin), which leads to dehydration and death.
- Extend bedding life
- Disinfection - contains Halamid

Available in two pack sizes: 2kg & 5kg (also available as a convenient singe use 200g sample bag)

How to use

Apply liberally where hen faeces and organic matter are prevalent. Shake powder over run inside housing and nesting boxes ensuring a light coating is visible once every 3 weeks. No need to remove bedding. Birds should be removed during application only and can return after a few minutes.
500grams will treat up to 25 sq meters.