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t: 01789 850046



t: 01789 850046


Fold Flat Run



5' long (152cm
Simple to move with sheltered areas at each end. This day run is a great way of letting your animals have a run about in your garden, whilst keeping them protected.

Remove two transport screws, fold out, put two screws back in. When you no longer need the run, remove the two screws and the run folds flat so you can store it with the minimum of space.



Delivery and Assembly

The delivery prices quoted above include delivery and full assembly of the house in your garden. So you will get the house of your choice delivered and errected exactly where you want it, all within the delivery price quoted above. This means you won't have to lift heavy weights in and out of your car and you certainly won't have to struggle with self assembly flat pack instructions!!!

You won't get that kind of service from the national pet shop chains!

If you would like two or more houses delivered to you at the same time, then you only pay one delivery charge. Please call us to arrange this.

If you would like to collect your house in person please phone to let us know. We hold many of the houses in stock, and most fit in the back of a family car, fully assembled.

A large delivery area map can be seen by clicking on "Delivery" in the green banner at the top of each page.