We have everything you need to keep your hens healthy and happy.



We have everything you need to keep your hens healthy and happy.


Total Mite Kill Trigger Spray (750ml)



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Total Mite Kill Ready To Use Trigger Spray

Clean your chicken house and kill insects with the same spray. This ready to use solution is a multi action cleaner with added insecticides to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi and mites to create a mite free and healthy home for your hens.

Formultated with an oily base, when sprayed onto the surface it will help penetrate deep into any cracks and crevices where parasites tend to burrow and hide.

How to use

Use total mite kill every week as part of your weekly hygiene regime for your coop & housing. It is very important to prevent a build up of bacteria in the coop, which promotes the spread of disease and possibly salmonella.

Remove all bedding and dry matter from the coop and spray directly onto all surfaces of the coop, including the underside of the roof. Do this on a weekly basis after it has been cleaned and scrubbed, making sure all nooks and crannies are covered. Leave to dry and then apply Nettex Buz Busters Louse Powder for dual protection.

For heavy mite infefestations repeat when cleaning and use Mite Kill applications every 3 days to ensure hatching eggs are killed to break the breeding / hatching cycle.