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t: 01789 850046


Budget House




The Budget House


This is the smallest house that we make. Useful for chickens, quail and ducks and other poultry, from chicks to growers and adult birds.

This convenient timber product is specially designed to provide a robust and attractive house.

Design features include three doors for excellent access to the internals of the house. Handles to each end for ease of moving. A drop down ramp to the centre. Ventilation across the top of the front and back. Legs to keep the house off the ground.

The house can be used with either of our Easy Access Runs (sold separately) to give you the greatest flexibility, as illustrated in some of the photographs.

This house is small enough to fit into the back of most cars with ease.

This flexible house has a multitude of potential uses from raising chicks, housing growers, broodies, quarantining sick birds and more permanent housing of ducks and up to three standard sized chickens.

Please note that in order to be as flexible as possible this house does not include a perch. If you like we can add a perch for a modest extra cost.

Overall dimensions
130cm wide x 60cm high x 55cm deep
51 inch wide x 24 inch high x 22 inch deep

If you would like to collect your chicken house in person please phone to let us know. We hold many of the houses in stock, and lots will fit in the back of a family car, fully assembled or flat packed.





About our Houses

We have a unique range of poultry housing developed through nearly 35 years of experience. All are made in high quality materials and to precise specifications which we have found to provide the most convenient, comfortable and vermin-proof accommodation possible. All designs take careful consideration of :

• The internal positioning of perches, popholes, droppings boards and nest boxes.
• Accessibility, both for you and the chickens.
• Ventilation without draughts
• Weather proofing and stability in windy conditions.
• Weight and manoeuvrability.
• Vermin control.