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t: 01789 850046


Guinea Fowl


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Looking for something different, then you have found it with guinea fowl. Chicken, turkey and pheasant farmers keep them to ward off poultry-eating predators such as Mr fox. Smallholders like the way they eat disease-carrying ticks. Organic farmers put them to work finding and eating crop pests. Guinea Fowl do all this without damaging crops... they'll take the occasional peck at a cultivated plant, but they much prefer insects, weeds, and seeds.
They do need lots of open space to be happy.

Actual price will depend on age at time of purchase. Keets £14 each, poults £24, pol £28 each.

Please note that live birds are not available to purchase online. They must be collected from Warwickshire.

WE SUPPLY CARDBOARD CARRY BOXES FOR £2. We supply cardboard boxes for you to take your fowl home in. Each box is suitable for 2 or 3 birds.